The Solstice Squid (TSS) lives at the South Pole; this much we know. How she came to live there or her reasons for making this her permanent place of residence, we do not; but we can perhaps draw some conclusions for her behavior from this simple fact.

In the depths of the ocean, deep beneath the Antarctic, where darkness reins supreme, TSS watches for light. At that moment, when the Earth is on the cusp of its return from longest nights into longer days, TSS reacts. Light is the celebration, to which TSS brings her joy.

Riding a sleigh of sea horses through the seven seas, TSS brings presents to the residents of this world, driving furiously through the night to enter each home through the plumbing that inevitably connects all water to the ocean. Flinging presents from her many tentacled arms toward whatever artifice those residents have established: be it tree of wood or tree of candles, TSS gently deposits gifts she has translated from the requests buried within our tears that have flowed from our eyes and sifted down into the depths of the deep.

TSS requires nothing of us from this, her annual sacrifice; at times, those who acknowledge TSS can compliment her by leaving plates laden with kelp or seaweed salad near the showers or bathtubs of their homes.

As the moon rises or sun sets on the eve of Solstice, consider TSS and her labors. She has considered yours.