Once more, I turn to your patient and receptive arms for comfort and consolation. I have endured hard times at the hand of my enemy, but I shill yet prevail. The past months have been rife with conflict, challenges, suffering and even–dare I say, triumphs. Adversity knows no limits and fears no shame. My current home of residence, the Ministry of the Interior, is to be turned over to the Iraqi people sometime this month. Here, I have endured running water and fairly consistent power. In the long nights that I have here spent, I have felt the cruel whip of addiction as I watched entire seasons of 24 on glorious DVD–without the luxury of surround sound. The forces of evil have seen to it that I eat more tender vitals than are my right.

I have often despaired during these times; but now, no more. We must move. For the next few days, we are shutting down mission and packing up the 5-tons to relocate to a new home elsewhere in Baghdad. Suffering there, I’m certain, will increase. Unfortunately, my long-time friends “Abu Running Water” and “Sheikh Electricity” will not be waiting for me with open arms; but I have met these demons before and prevailed. My only real cause for concern is the lack of Internet connectivity, which I have enjoyed here, which has made me weak and sluggish, dulled my senses and thwarted the fight for freedom. This time, unlike other times in the past, when I felt a certain distrust of my Enemy (aka those who have been liberated) Internet vendors dedication to capitalistic aims, I am truly in the dark. Perhaps no computer lab awaits me. Perhaps I will once more rely on the support that your many kind letters have given me. Perhaps this dark abyss knows no bottom.

In recent events, a few items leap to mind that may be of interest to those of you, who keep track of some of my life’s lesser details. My brother, Jonathan, is now engaged to his girlfriend, Rachel. I encourage any who are willing to give this stud a hard time, extend congratulations and rebuke equally as he prepares to embark into that final frontier. I think a quote from 1 Samuel might be appropriate here, “And Jonathan kicks ass.” Amen.

I am now a landowner. I purchased 55 acres of land in Frenchville, Maine. I trust the significance and/or hilarity of this event should be self-evident.

I wish I had more time to write more personal emails, but I always seem to choose the worst moments to do so. As time is limited: Balan, I hope the wedding goes well–send me some pictures; I want to see this Margo of yours. Tim and Dave–I hope your Radiohead concert ended in a fiery inferno, from which you narrowly escaped with your lives. Or, at the very least, send me a poster or t-shirt or something. Dylan, . Habel, enjoy Spain–I envy you.

I’m sure there’s more to be said, but I cannot think of it at the moment. I really do miss you all. I look forward to sitting back over a pint of Guinness and catching up.

If anyone wants to launch a small business with me in early 2006, let me know. Plans/details/inspiration are available upon request.