at the end of the day, obama cannot be all of the things he promised to be, be the person we imagined him to be, or create a world that mirrors our dreams for an obama-lead nation.  he has already failed to deliver on much of his platform, from his promises of openness and transparency to his pledge to drive reform like a wedge into the body of this government.

at the end of the day, he may very well stand a good president; but i think we needed a palin to take us into ruin before a true obama could be realized.

a palin would have let the house burn to the ground while selling furnaces and flood insurance. obama will keep us floating for another four to eight years, at the end of which we’ll question why we weren’t sailing instead.  i fear that the best he can offer us is a quiet place to weather a storm.  the storm must come; but as humans, we’ll mistake the brief respite over the next four years as the best effort of a failed president.

ironically, he has little choice.  our monetary policy has decided a philosophy of consumption, and we look toward a vision to fix the symptoms without altering the patient.  obama cannot do this.  palin could have pushed the patient to the brink of death, and the patient could have seen the other side.  instead, we missed our chance at bright lights and second chances.

we must wade through purgatory a little longer.