The subject of the latest email from Dean. Indulging him:

Blogging with mythological imagination impregnated by poorly informed historical imagination.

Rhetoric in cloaks of ignorance bleeds out of hovels of supposed intelligentsia.

Does anyone hear the tree (in this case bramble) falling in the woods?

The death of reason personified. Hope left as a vagrant in the streets. Transcendence lost in triviality.

The invisible mute Grandpa has spoken.

The sick irony of the phrase ‘death of reason’ is my profound desire to apprehend what is True in this world. In arguing for rational debate, I am somehow offensive to his sensibilities. I am willing to dialog with anyone on any subject in the hopes of better understanding their point of view, but I guess Jesus was a conservative Republican. After all, Jesus hated blacks and homosexuals, so we should too.

If I recall, the 11th Commandment was Thou shalt not be a liberal, for it is an abomination to God.

I am not a Christian, and that gives me the freedom to try to seek out Truth instead of blindly believing scriptures that are profoundly dangerous and false. If the only framework in which Dean is comfortable arguing a point is behind the ignorance of his own beliefs, he has my blessing to remain blissfully mute.

I am always open to the possibility that I am wrong and will gladly accept correction when available; however, it must be informed and reasoned discipline that guides our search.